Vital Insight

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I worked on the visualization of advanced vital sensing technology using millimeter waves. This project employs non-contact sensing technology, enabling the graphical display of heart sound waveforms and RRI (R-R intervals) without physically touching a person. Additionally, this technology can capture crucial biometric data such as breathing rate, heart rate, and maximum heart rate indices, and display them in an intuitively understandable format. The goal of this project was to explore new horizons in non-invasive medical technology. Non-contact vital sensing with millimeter waves uses electromagnetic waves in the millimeter-wave band to detect biometric data from the human body without contact. This technology can penetrate object surfaces and clothing, allowing it to detect minute movements and physiological changes in the body. The main advantage of this technology is its non-invasiveness. Unlike traditional methods of measuring vital signs, millimeter wave sensing does not require direct contact with the human body, thus enabling measurements without causing stress or discomfort. This characteristic offers significant benefits in hospitals, care facilities, and even in everyday health management.


Vital Insight

Date 2022
Roll UX/UI Designer
Tools Figma, After Effects